How my jQuery Drag’n’Drop Jigsaw works

I had a kind of implied request to talk about the code in this jquery jigsaw puzzle. I sort of figured you can Firebug it from hereif you like, but maybe a little expository prose will enable you to focus on the salient parts of the script. (Sorry the old link got broken when . . . → Read More: How my jQuery Drag’n’Drop Jigsaw works

jQuery jigsaw

The first time I googled “jquery jigsaw” I didn’t find too much. I found and Fernando’s very simple one What I was wanting to do was bring some of my old Hypercard stacks from the 90’s back to life. Yeah, Hypercard had drag and drop way back then. Anyway, after some rather painful massaging . . . → Read More: jQuery jigsaw

New Facebook “Like Button” Dorkage

Facebook, as you may know, is attempting to own a greater share of the web by allowing you to put a facebook “like” button and other social widgets on any web page. Think what you like about Facebook, their questionable privacy, and their evil plans, but the fact remains that it is the #4 most . . . → Read More: New Facebook “Like Button” Dorkage

ACH Fraud becoming ever more clever

Last week I saw Hal Pomeranz of the SANS institute give a talk on how ACH (Automated Clearing House) fraud has become increasingly more sophisticated. It is a serious problem and it’s beginning to have a non negligible economic impact on business here in the USA. In this blog post I will summarize the takeaway . . . → Read More: ACH Fraud becoming ever more clever

Random Fiber Arts Dorkage

It’s funny how things confluence. A while back I did a post spreading the word about 2-D bar codes. Just recently I attended Beaver Bar Camp and went to an un-session titled Nerdlepoint by a woman from Portland OR named Julia (sorry, bar camps are so anarchistic that I couldn’t find her full name in . . . → Read More: Random Fiber Arts Dorkage

Adventures in Resource Mining

In my previous post in this series, I described some ancient software that I wrote years ago that I would like to recycle for the web. This post focuses on massaging the existing resources so that they are web-ready. Boring, but critical, and not so easy, as it turned out!

Preparing the graphical . . . → Read More: Adventures in Resource Mining

Hypercard What has thou wrought?

This series of posts is planned to document of some my adventures trying to leverage an abandoned Hypercard opus I did a long time ago. It’s more of a narrative than a how to. A lot of different realms come into play here. So if you aren’t up for reading a long multi-part techno-novela, scamper . . . → Read More: Hypercard What has thou wrought? One API to rule them all

Something very very cool fell into my inbox today.

The back story I had been researching OEmbed kind of as a background project to see if I could use it in my own stuff. Now what is OEmbed, you ask? It is a specification by which a simple link transforms itself into rich content. If . . . → Read More: One API to rule them all

Working Turing Machine

This is just too cool, and true geeks will instantly get why.

Dynamic CSS files

I had always wished CSS files weren’t so static so you could do different things at runtime. It turns out you can do it, but exercise common sense. The exact plan you take depends on how often the CSS “variables” change value. If it’s not too often you might want to “precompile” the style files . . . → Read More: Dynamic CSS files

A sample text widget

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