My Toonlet talk at Barcamp Melbourne

I gave a 3 minute “Lightening Talk” on a couple weeks ago at the end of a LUV meeting. I wasn’t sure it was appropriate, because I think of these folks as really brilliant high-powered geek gurus, and toonlet is just a web app that really dumb people can use. It doesn’t even have . . . → Read More: My Toonlet talk at Barcamp Melbourne

Inane comments are history

This blog is a thinking person’s blog. Yeah, I know, that really limits the readership, but so be it. Akismet is very good at getting the obvious spam comments. It’s even started flagging comments where the robot just picks a tag out of the blog’s tags and autocomments a slightly more targeted statement generally related . . . → Read More: Inane comments are history

Ticket Mastery

Ticket Mastery

by taterprint

Any black humor about the business of ticket reselling resonates with me. I found this one today (this is not one of mine but I wish it was!) and it’s so true. There are so many sleazy backroom deals and stuff that goes on related to ticket sales that . . . → Read More: Ticket Mastery

Blogging Hiatus

For the next 8 days this dork will be taking a hiatus from blogging. I will answer your comments when the hiatus is over.

Wow! Alien Communication Decoded

Used with permission I’m hard at work on Zend Framework, so don’t have much original to say today, except that I did discover a new cartoon strip called It is a la XKCD. The drawing is a little better, but that’s not saying much, as you know if you are familiar with XKCD. . . . → Read More: Wow! Alien Communication Decoded

No LUV in Tinytown

Google sucked away my LUV! Sorry!

With a heavy heart I disabled commentluv and Dofollow on Hot Dorkage. See the two post series below for why.

. . . → Read More: No LUV in Tinytown

StumbleAudio: a great way to discover new tracks

If you like stumbleupon for discovering websites and blogs, you are gonna love stumbleaudio for discovering new artists and tracks. Warning: it is a flash site but the interface is well-done and intuitive.

. . . → Read More: StumbleAudio: a great way to discover new tracks

Wanna see what a dork looks like?

. . . → Read More: Wanna see what a dork looks like?

Dork on break

Even dorks need a break some time, and this dork is taking off the month of July. I am going to visit all my old friends in Nuevo Leon that I haven’t seen for about 10 years and I plan to check email every other day or so and possibly upload pictures from the road . . . → Read More: Dork on break

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