A Capella Tribute to John Williams

A truly creative piece of Youtubery. And come on, this is very very geeky, and the geek actually has a nice voice!

2-D Barcodes for your mobile device

This post is pretty far out in left field, as were regular UPC bar codes when they were originally developed. Did you know many Nokia mobile devices come with a 2-D barcode reader?

. . . → Read More: 2-D Barcodes for your mobile device

Merge PDF’s into one with A-PDF

A-PDF offers several PDF utilities. Of interest today is a little utility called A-PDF Merger that will take a bunch of PDF files and merge them into one big one. You can actually do this by hacking the postscript code but life is too short. I think most of us would just want to say, . . . → Read More: Merge PDF’s into one with A-PDF

Morph your face into something else

Just having some fun with the morph generator at St. Andrews. I fed it a picture in of one of the coolest people in the galaxy, and look what it did. That first one is supposed to be a baby–EEK! it looks like Chuckie — where did they get that other row of teeth!!! . . . → Read More: Morph your face into something else

Sarah Palin Answer Oracle

Wow a Sarah Palin Answer Generator!! I had a lot of fun playing with Sarah Palin sound bites this morning, then I whipped up this little program to crank out Sarah Palin speeches. This audio player creates a genuine unique Sarah Palin answer to any question you might wish to ask. You don’t have . . . → Read More: Sarah Palin Answer Oracle

SubPrime Mortgage Primer

CDO Powerpoint SubPrime Primer – Upload a Document to Scribd Read this document on Scribd: CDO Powerpoint SubPrime Primer

Are you confused about the financial crisis in the USA that threatens to cause a global recession? So was I until I saw this humorous, but spot on presentation of how it all works. It’s . . . → Read More: SubPrime Mortgage Primer

Blogging is the Root of all Evil

I don’t usually embed YouTubes with no original content, but this one is just too funny.

It’s enough to make me stop blogging.

I can do magic — Can you?

another offering from our friends at xkcd. Ha! I wish I could say

“sudo clean your frakkin’ room!” to my offspring! “sudo” is as close to a magic spell as it gets.

StumbleAudio: a great way to discover new tracks

If you like stumbleupon for discovering websites and blogs, you are gonna love stumbleaudio for discovering new artists and tracks. Warning: it is a flash site but the interface is well-done and intuitive.

. . . → Read More: StumbleAudio: a great way to discover new tracks

HubPages: A paying outlet for your verbal diarrhea

Want to know a little secret about bloggers? We bloggers all have a bad case of verbal diarrhea! We just can’t stop spouting off and we all like an audience. Since we’re all doomed to suffer from this malady, we might as well get paid something while we suffer from it.

The downside to blogging . . . → Read More: HubPages: A paying outlet for your verbal diarrhea

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