Free link juice in a blogalicious flavor

If your blog is 100% nutritious lean tech protein, it seems as dry and flavorless as a digital camera manual. Besides, any cook knows that the flavor is in the fat. Not useful but people like it better. That’s the lesson I have been learning lately but I hadn’t taken any action yet. Even so, . . . → Read More: Free link juice in a blogalicious flavor

Hot Dorkage gets reviewed

Woot! Social action!!! Hot Dorkage got reviewed on pisiosplugs. and on Today’s Blog Reviews I won’t quote the reviews, that’s what links are for. I will say that I think Pisio is spot-on with his review, and so is Shen. I’m very happy to be reviewed. If truth be told I’d be happy even if . . . → Read More: Hot Dorkage gets reviewed

Blog Carnivals: can they pimp a pillar post?

Dorkage experiments with blog carnivals to get more focused exposure for pillar posts. . . . → Read More: Blog Carnivals: can they pimp a pillar post?

Make your blog mobile friendly

Always those pesky mobiles and the lack of standards for them. Bleah! I looked into mobile support for web a year ago. If you think web browser CSS support is flaky, it goes double for mobiles.

However, I can envision mobile professionals wanting to chill out and browse blogs on their handhelds while they wait . . . → Read More: Make your blog mobile friendly

How to tell your neighbors your web exists

Do you ever want to know who your blogging neighbors are? Or websites geographically near you in general? Even better, would you want an easy way for them to find you? GeoURL is here to help. GeoURL asks you to place two metatags in the head of your website and it helps you generate them . . . → Read More: How to tell your neighbors your web exists

Eleven Signs that your blog sucks

Stumblers, readers, friends, and surfers, I beg your indulgence just this once. Permit me to take a break from providing you the high quality dorkage that you’ve come to take for granted and let off a major bitchy rant. If I don’t do this I’m going to blow a gasket! What’s causing my consternation? Rampant . . . → Read More: Eleven Signs that your blog sucks

WTF is purports to let you update a bunch of social sites all at once. It is in beta now, and you have to have the current betacode to get an account. The current betacode is “letmeping”. They keep changing it. I have no idea how long that code will be good.

I found a valid . . . → Read More: WTF is

Volunteer for Librivox

It seems most bloggers are very busy trying to suck money from the internet. If tweaking and promoting of your blog doesn’t eat every last second of your time, consider giving something back. I recently found out about Librivox — an all volunteer project to provide audio of public domain literature. Librivox is the natural . . . → Read More: Volunteer for Librivox

Scoutle: another layer of automation?

I have been struggling to get started with Dojo and Ning lately. Both these technologies are fairly new and the number of books about on Dojo is severely limited, and as far as I know there are no books on Ning. So I would like to hook up with some other developers who are knowledgeable . . . → Read More: Scoutle: another layer of automation?

Blog Engage & Blogatiser: forkage?

I’ve recently encountered two metablog sites, Blog Engage and Blogatiser. One of them specifically requested a review. What is striking about these two sites is how similar they are. Pretty much everything I say here applies to both sites unless specifically noted otherwise. If I were still a computer science lecturer, I’d think these two . . . → Read More: Blog Engage & Blogatiser: forkage?

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