No worries: this post will NOT suck you into a vortex

In case you hadn’t heard, our local newspaper publishers (Gazette-Times/Democrat Herald owned by Lee Enterprises) have taken a giant step future-ward with the launch of the new mid-valley voice social network. If you are not local, I would hazard a guess that other historically print based publishers are doing a similar thing to try to . . . → Read More: No worries: this post will NOT suck you into a vortex

Creative Commons License your tweets

This little TweetCC Twitter App makes it very easy for you to license your tweets, according to any of the various flavors of the Creative Commons License. All you do is press the button by your chosen flavor of creative commons, it tweets the appropriate message as a reply to @tweetcc, and then they will . . . → Read More: Creative Commons License your tweets

Twitter Mosaic: Get Yours

After two pretty cerebral hard core posts in a row I’d better have something fluffy, but in a geeky way. So here you go — A Twitter Mosaic. If you have significant friends at all it generates a pretty hefty chunk of HTML code to slap into your blog.

They will put a reduced number . . . → Read More: Twitter Mosaic: Get Yours

Social Net Toonlet: Be Helpful!


by tixrus . . . → Read More: Social Net Toonlet: Be Helpful!

Retweet Rank RSS fun

Tixrus (my Twitter moniker) gets retweeted on Twitter from time to time. According to Retweetrank, tixrus is the 84th percentile for retweets.

. . . → Read More: Retweet Rank RSS fun

New Tweet This Hack but Still no Monkeys

I just finished installing the latest version of the Tweet This WordPress Plugin. It renders my Tweet This Hack obsolete. As now you can configure the text that comes out. This is as it should be. I’m so honored! Richard Thripp, the author of Tweet This, even dropped by and made a comment on that . . . → Read More: New Tweet This Hack but Still no Monkeys

Try my beta Word Press Plugin

Well, it had to happen. It is amazing that I’ve been using WordPress so long without getting into its guts. While hacking on the Tweet this plugin ever so gently, I started to get the feel for how WP plugins work. So I wrote a couple myself. The first one is serious old school, as . . . → Read More: Try my beta Word Press Plugin

Utterli: Twitter with media

Utterli seems like a lot like Twitter at first glance. The difference is that you can post voice messages, video, or stills directly to it from your mobile.

. . . → Read More: Utterli: Twitter with media

Pssssst! Wanna learn JQuery?

One of the reasons why I always cringed from web front end in the past is that presentation is so “dirty.” We have all felt the flames.

HTML was never really designed as a presentation language confusion of XHTML validations and the different DOCTYPES CSS is supposed to be for design browser wars and their . . . → Read More: Pssssst! Wanna learn JQuery?

Adjix: Monetize your shrinkage

Is “shrinkage” ever a good thing? Actually, Jerry Seinfeld notwithstanding, yes! If you don’t know about shrinkage as it applies to the internet, learn the basics first , then come back and learn how to make money with it. I’ll wait.

There are rumblings that TinyURL, the oldest and probably most . . . → Read More: Adjix: Monetize your shrinkage

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