Hypercard What has thou wrought?

This series of posts is planned to document of some my adventures trying to leverage an abandoned Hypercard opus I did a long time ago. It’s more of a narrative than a how to. A lot of different realms come into play here. So if you aren’t up for reading a long multi-part techno-novela, scamper . . . → Read More: Hypercard What has thou wrought?

Embed.ly: One API to rule them all

Something very very cool fell into my inbox today.

The back story I had been researching OEmbed kind of as a background project to see if I could use it in my own stuff. Now what is OEmbed, you ask? It is a specification by which a simple link transforms itself into rich content. If . . . → Read More: Embed.ly: One API to rule them all

Dynamic CSS files

I had always wished CSS files weren’t so static so you could do different things at runtime. It turns out you can do it, but exercise common sense. The exact plan you take depends on how often the CSS “variables” change value. If it’s not too often you might want to “precompile” the style files . . . → Read More: Dynamic CSS files

Zend Framework and Doctrine

Well it’s looking like Doctrine is the heavy weight data mapping solution of the lot. Zend Framework was often criticized for having no serious Model methods. Models was just sort of where you put your nuts and bolts database code. Some folks like the structure of the Active Record model that you see in Rails . . . → Read More: Zend Framework and Doctrine

How to integrate a jQuery plugin into Yii Framework

I have been studying up on Yii framework as a potential alternative to Zend. It has its pluses and minuses. Yii framework comes with jQuery included at the core. It was ridiculously easy to download a jQuery plugin, drop it in as a black box, follow the instructions for the front end, and it just . . . → Read More: How to integrate a jQuery plugin into Yii Framework

Berio Free Video Screen Capture for Leopard

Camtasia is awesome, but pricey. For the likes of me, who doesn’t do video screen capture for a living, the price just isn’t justified. Leopard comes with an app to do capture, but it requires a hookup to a MacOSX server. Out of luck again. Enter Berio. Simple Straightforward, and does the job. You can . . . → Read More: Berio Free Video Screen Capture for Leopard

FirePHP: Firebug for PHP

Firebug is da bomb for debugging your web front end. Instead of just being able to look at the page source as it was delivered from the server, it lets you see the modified page after Javascript has run it through the ringer, it breaks things down heirarchically to help you focus, and it even . . . → Read More: FirePHP: Firebug for PHP

Captcha a la XKCD

This XKCD comes at just the right time for me. I’m struggling with an issue with the Captcha in Yii Framework. In case you didn’t know, the captcha is that slightly distorted codeword that you type into a computer program to tell it you’re a human being. Bots supposedly can’t read them…. Of course . . . → Read More: Captcha a la XKCD

Alternatives to Zend Framework

I am currently feeling very conflicted about Zend and everything associated with it. I heard a statement the other night by a guy who was talking about CakePHP that hit the nail on the head. Paraphrasing what he said,

“There is nothing wrong with Zend Framework, but you just get this feeling with Zend . . . → Read More: Alternatives to Zend Framework

Dojo toolkit wrapper

I’ve been finding lately that my simplest blog posts grow the longest tails. So here is one for all you dojo toolkit users or wannabe’s. I started seeing the following in dojo scripts that I hadn’t seen before, and couldn’t find any specific comments about it.

;(function(d,$){ /* your code here */})(dojo, dojo.query)

The . . . → Read More: Dojo toolkit wrapper

A sample text widget

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