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  • This blog of yours squeezed my heart with sympathy. I agree with you, CSI must be burned in hell–especially that pitsnake who pressed the button to create unnecessary and uncalled for chaos in your business. However, bad things can be blessings in disguise. Your health and your happiness are the two most important things in your life. They must be preserved so try to move on. CSI will surely get its bad karma. Let’s wait and see.

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    Thank you for the sympathy. The long and the short of it is I do not believe I was cut out for business because I just can’t make myself care about money that much. There was a time when you could focus on customers and the money would take care of itself but now everyone is about bottom line and CRM and marketing, with form winning over function. The mom&pop who know all their customers personally is going the way of the dinosaur. My business probably did need to die anyway because there just wasn’t enough of me to go around even when the financials were working fine. It was a spectacularly painful fireball of a crash and burn. This rant was just my look back retrospective, and yes I have moved on, just still not sure exactly the shape the next step will take yet. And I believe in Karma too, but it tends to work very slowly.

  • These same exact people terminated me for running an ecommerce site that sold salvia divinorum. My story is very similar to yours, I disclosed everything to them upfront, they got their fees, life was good for months and months – then all of a sudden – BOOM! Assets frozen and I’m on a terminated merchant file which prevents me from opening a new merchant account. Best of all these people won’t even talk to me now.

  • Wow. Salvia divinorum is not illegal AFAIK. I’m sure I’m on the MATCH (previously known as TMF) list too, and of course that list is not open. They accused me of selling on behalf of other biz’s which is an automatic on. Well ticketmaster does it every day. No difference.

  • If you do bad for others you will get same return so same believe for CSI, but you keep working for what you believe, Work Satisfaction and happiness most important for life.

  • Wow is all I can say! These people screwed you, plain and simple! Let this be a lesson for everybody….the banks and financial institutions are not your friends, and they will yank the carpet without batting an eyelid.

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    Never thought they were my friend, but I did think we had a business arrangment that was mutually beneficial, and it seemed logical that both parties would want to continue. I would have never yoinked a client that was making money for me. The lesson is do not do business with CSI. Get a good processor from the get-go. There’s a reason why they are considered “high Risk”.

  • Visited ur blog after long time….
    Gr8 Post…
    Agree wid u, CSI must be burned in hell–especially who created unnecessary and uncalled for chaos in ur business.
    Actyally this is a lesson for everybody…
    Your health and your happiness are the most important things in ur life…. so try 2 move ahead…

  • My jaw dropped just after I read the conversation you had with that person. It makes no sense and I’m angry on your behalf! It’s like they’re the government and trying to punish you for your success or something. They had to be making money on you especially seeing as how you had a perfect record. I don’t understand how having a good month was a bad thing in their eyes since THEY made money with each charge.

    Kind of scares me to think that the company I’m with could do the same to me. If yours approved you and then negged on that I guess mine could to. Good for you blogging about it because I will never use CSI just for reading your blog. At the very least they could have let you finish the event and not have your world turned upside down. They could have transitioned you out just as a nice thing to do that might have left you feeling better about them and wouldn’t have harmed a human being. It might have helped their reputation in the world. But…no.

    Very sorry for what happened. I’m glad it’s behind you.

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    My bad was not realizing how insanely stupid these people are. They can’t wrap their heads around the concept of an abstract product like an eticket. Really it’s just retail. Has every retailer prepaid for every item they get from a vendor to sell? I would think not. They might have net 30 or net 90 day agreements with their vendors so that they can sell the stuff first so they have money to pay for it with. So doesn’t the vendor still technically “own” it if it’s on their AR and on the retailer’s AP? So actually retailers are selling stuff “on behalf of a third party” the same way I was. But they technically have physical possession of the stuff. I could have cranked out reams of tickets for these guys any time they wanted to see my “warehouse”

  • Firstly congrats for anniversary, yes whatever happened with you very bad but one thing sure if you do bad comes in same manner sure about those people they were punished or get punishment in future as much as bad done.

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