Ultra Custom Twitter REAL Mosaic Poster

scaled_mosaic_againIn a recent blog post on the Twitter Mosaic Web App I showed an example from a twitter app that randomly tiles your follower avatars into a grid and then tries to sell you the design on shirts, mugs, etc. This is not a true mosaic. In a true mosaic you place the tiles taking into consideration their color, in a way that forms a bigger meta picture. There is free software that will do this if you give it a folder full of tile graphics. So all I would need to do is download the follower avatars for any given user. I wrote a script to get the avatars of the followers of any twitter user. Then I fed those files to a free Desktop Mosaic creator. The graphic at the head of this article is a reduced version of the result of this experiment. Click it to see a larger, but still quite scaled down version where you can see the component avatars more clearly.

Twitter doesn’t much care for the load I place on their servers when I suck out avatar collections, and hence I am unable to release the script or its URL for the public. But if you would like me to make you a mosaic like mine, of your own avatar, and built with the avatars of your followers, leave a comment and we’ll work out something. Or if you would like to run the script on your own server and risk being banned, I’m happy to share it.

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