Sarah Palin Answer Oracle

Sarah Palin Wow a Sarah Palin Answer Generator!! I had a lot of fun playing with Sarah Palin sound bites this morning, then I whipped up this little program to crank out Sarah Palin speeches. This audio player creates a genuine unique Sarah Palin answer to any question you might wish to ask. You don’t have to input your question — that just takes time. I could just say that, like the Ouija board, the oracle already knows the question in your heart anyway but the fact of the matter is, as evidenced by the VP debates last night, that the question doesn’t really seem to matter anyway. I have to give Sarah Palin’s “debate” coaches credit. They did a fabulous job prepping her for the debates. Her answers at the debates made grammatical sense and were flawlessly executed and watching it on my neighbors’ non-HD TV, Palin looked fabulous. “Nucular” be damned — her people like it that way and by golly more power to ’em.

Without further ado, here is the audio. If you don’t like the one you got, refresh the page and you’ll get a new one. If this page gets really popular I’ll make it all ajax-ian and you can get a new one without a reload, but if it’s a stumble flash in the pan, forget it.

The Sarah Palin answer to YOUR question

22 comments to Sarah Palin Answer Oracle

  • Now that’s funny. I have a feeling you’ll have a lot more sound bites to play with in the weeks to come.

  • My question was “how the hell can you expect anyone to vote for you?”

    At first, I thought “that answer doesn’t make sense.” Then I though “oh…right…god help us….” last blog post..A handful of nothin’

  • Very very funny! I love your sense of humor!

  • Uncanny! How could you (or Sarah Palin) possibly know my question was, “Do you think I and my cats are a cool looking bunch of Christians?”

  • admin

    @Mighty Mom, that’s just it. It doesn’t matter what you ask, the answer just fits! slippy, eh?

  • Nice thing to try out!!!
    Its good and witty..

  • That is very cool! Its like she knows what I am going to ask, doesn’t care, and instead uses her newspeak powers 😉

  • admin

    I hope to add some more audio clips to the database this weekend. As an aside, she reminds me frighteningly of 1984 only I think, all frivolity and jokes aside, that today’s reality is even more frightening than what Orwell imagined. We don’t even need revisionists to do the job Winston did in the novel 1984 — few voters care about facts anyway or ever go back to check on them. We just absorb a new batch of vapid palinesque pablum, everybody claps and says how great it makes them feel and how great she looks and rah rah rah. Qualified as national cheerleader? Absolutely. But V.P.? I think not!

  • Ha Ha Ha that is very funny sounds. Large comedy.

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  • I love making phun of Sarah Palin. And Tina Fey is the best at it.

  • Alaska’s governor, and the Republican candidate for Vice President of the United States, has been a media darling lately. However, it is as more of a punching bag than a champion, in spite of the facts. Last weekend, she appeared on Saturday Night Live after being spoofed by the program. Instead of being praised for being a good sport, she was singled out for it. She has become a frequent target for criticism, for her performance as Alaska’s governor, her character, even for intrusion into her family life when it became known that her 17 year old daughter had become pregnant. This amounts to little more than character assassination. Palin has been praised by many in her home state for her efforts to improve Alaska, and her tireless support for the disabled, by working for the needs of people afflicted with Down’s syndrome, autism, and other disorders who haven’t received the care that they need and deserve. She also is a staunch advocate of personal responsibility and financial freedom. She also has advocated for not ridding the US of cash advances, a legitimate industry that working, responsible, normal people that need a helping hand in a financial crunch use who don’t want to have to or can’t turn to the banks or credit card companies.

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  • Cute. But seriously I find Sarah Palin a little scary. I bet you could do this with all the candidates.

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  • admin

    Payday loan person, I’m gonna let your comment in even though it is probably a spam. I do think Sarah Palin is a good sport to go on SNL after how they skewered her, and I do think her heart is in the right space on a number of issues. But she is grossly ignorant on a number of topics and terribly terribly wrong on a number of others. Her work on behalf of the disabled is laudable. My neighbor also works on behalf of the cancer society, so by your reasoning she is also qualified to be V.P. Hell, I work for good causes, so maybe it should be me. At least I can put a sentence together.

    I put it to you: if you had to have a heart operation would you want someone who never heard of the difference between the atrium and the ventricle, believes that is just an unimportant detail, and also believes that God is just gonna have his will about the outcome anyway? Personally, I’d take a trained surgeon with knowledge of anatomy who believes that what the surgeon does is fairly critical, even though he/she might be a jerkwad and not as cute as Ms. Sarah.

    And as for Ron: sure you could do the same for any candidate. But Palin is so much fun to do. You almost don’t even have to do it, she does it herself. This oracle only exaggerates it to make absolutely SURE people realize she speaks twaddle.

    I just can’t see how anyone can think that the words coming out of this woman’s mouth are vice presidential. What little she does express clearly is scary. Everything else is just incoherent. Is this who we want to have facing Putin?

  • Little program, large fun that’s great work by Sarah.

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  • Yeah….Very Nice and funny program by Sarah Palin?????

  • There was lots of fun by Sarah. But i missed out this program.


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