Hot Dorkage gets reviewed

Woot!   Social action!!!  Hot Dorkage got reviewed   on pisiosplugs. and on Today’s Blog Reviews  I won’t quote the reviews, that’s what links are for.    I will say that I think Pisio is spot-on with his review, and so is Shen. I’m very happy to be reviewed. If truth be told I’d be happy even if they hated me, because there is no such thing as bad publicity if all you’re looking for is publicity.

If you would like your blog reviewed, either one of them just might do it for you, as long as they don’t find your blog offensive.  Neither queue is outrageously long at the moment but I’d suggest that you submit your request as soon as possible, because I have a feeling that pisiosplugs and Today’s Blog Reviews will become very popular sites.

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