Dork on break

Escudo de Nuevo LeonEven dorks need a break some time, and this dork is taking off the month of July. I am going to visit all my old friends in Nuevo Leon that I haven’t seen for about 10 years and I plan to check email every other day or so and possibly upload pictures from the road if I can. Part of the time we will be hiking in the desert so I may be offline completely for a while.

Among the Entrecard crowd, I guess it will show me who my real friends are, and I hope the big thing Sr. Turnip has been speculating about will be all old news by the time I get back. It should have been already, but things don’t always go as fast as we’d like.  The drop ‘n’ runners should die down quite a bit, but then again so should my bounce rate. I’ve queued up a few bits of new dorkage and I will publish them from the road IF I get the chance, but I will definitely not be dropping on anybody, so don’t take it personal!

For real readers, I’d be willing to bet that there are some nice (relatively) old posts in the archives that you haven’t read yet. My particular brand of dorkage has a pretty long shelf life, so this is an outstanding opportunity to catch up on your background dorkage. That’s why we have archives and category links down the left and a nice categorized site map at the top of the site.     Comment me “buen viaje” or something, hope we don’t get la Venganza de Moctezuma,  and look for some pictures if you just have to see something new.

¡Hasta pronto, amigos!

Redaccion: El credito para esta imagen pertenece a Xonomech.

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