How to tell your neighbors your web exists

Do you ever want to know who your blogging  neighbors are? Or websites geographically near you in general?  Even better, would you want an easy way for them to find you?
GeoURL is here to help.  GeoURL asks you to place two metatags in the head of your website and it helps you generate them based on the address you want to associate with your blog.  This was of great interest to me, because I have a local blog called WazzupLocal Blog (of all things!!) about local goings on.

I  fitted with Geo Metatags just so you could fool around with it if you wished, even though isn’t really a locally focused blog.  After I have installed the metatags and pinged GeoURL, this button (customized for dorkage)
will now cause your neighbors to pop up. Obviously your button will be customized for your site.

Or if you prefer an in-text link, just link to<yourURL>

The only downside is that most people don’t know about this and aren’t using it.  GeoURL will only locate sites that have registered their coordinates.  GeoURL do not really advertise or promote themselves.  I imagine that they are mumbling geography geeks and computer nerds like me who would rather build tools than promote them.  They depend on people telling other people about them.  And, like most truly good ideas, people do a crappy job of spreading it, because it’s not scandalous or titillating and there’s no payoff for them in doing it.

*P.S. In case you’re wondering, meatspace is a synonym for “the real world.”

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