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The body of this post is audio. You should be seeing a little player icon. One of my test computers failed to display it. If you can’t see it, leave me a comment with your OS, browser and version so we can compile some data for the plugin author.  Thanks!

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  • Colleen, thanks a lot for an inspiring post. I just have to get me some of this. As a website accessibility nut, this whole idea opens up a whole lot of possibilities for the visually impaired. The quality of the audio as used here is far superior to the audio on most of the readers currently used by the visually impaired. Food for thought indeed.

    I do however not have such a nice voice as you have so I will have to get myself a ‘guest’ speaker.

    sailors last blog post..Making things easy for those who are colour blind

  • admin

    Hi sailor, I thought this post might interest you! Automated readers are robots. Nobody likes to listen to them. They are OK for a telephone number but that’s about it! For connected discourse, any recording of any real human is vastly superior. even with just a cheapie mike. Of course, in the real world real human voice recordings cost more to produce but organizations might be able to recruit volunteers to record certain critical information targetted to the visually challenged.

    I’m totally flattered that you like my voice. It cost me enough money!! — one thing most bloggers don’t know about me is that I am classically trained as a lyric soprano and have done theatre and musical theatre. If you’d like me to record a short audio post for you, send it to me in entrecard mail with your email and I’ll email you back the mp3.

  • […] also snagged a matching audio. Well I can put little audio players on blogs too: See How to make an audio blog if you’d like to know how to do this. My instructions are wordpress but I believe the plugin […]

  • Thats great plugin
    I was searching for something like this.

    Chetans last blog post..Speed up Your computer start time, use Hibernation

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