Twibbons for Toonlet

Here’s a little Twitter app for you while we all wait for some serious list apps: This one is called twibbon, and what it does is overlays a little icon over your twitter avatar to show you support something. First I placed the zend framework one, then I created my own for toonlet, of . . . → Read More: Twibbons for Toonlet

Toonlet with Audio

I just clipped each individual frame of one of my toonlets and put them in an open office presentation. Then I fired up Berio and ran the slideshow fullscreen while I read the lines. Then I imported the whole thing into IMovie, clipped the beginning and end, compressed it a little and uploaded it . . . → Read More: Toonlet with Audio

My Toonlet talk at Barcamp Melbourne

I gave a 3 minute “Lightening Talk” on a couple weeks ago at the end of a LUV meeting. I wasn’t sure it was appropriate, because I think of these folks as really brilliant high-powered geek gurus, and toonlet is just a web app that really dumb people can use. It doesn’t even have . . . → Read More: My Toonlet talk at Barcamp Melbourne

Laugh Poop and Die: A Toonlet Comic that Won’t Give you Diabetes

In a previous post I blathered about defacing toonlet® graphics. That activity was for the purpose of refining the best toons into a cohesive book. The first edition (40pp) is now available for download! Here are samples. The ebook has about 60 strips. It’s a free download for the time being. If you like the . . . → Read More: Laugh Poop and Die: A Toonlet Comic that Won’t Give you Diabetes

Thinking outside the frame with toonlet®

I’ve been known to feature a toonlet® web comic in my blog from time to time. “What is a toonlet®?” you ask.® is the brainchild of Craig Schwartz and Seth Ladygo. It is essentially a Mr. Potato head inspired web toon toolkit that also adds 21st century features like resizing, rotation and repositioning. . . . → Read More: Thinking outside the frame with toonlet®

Be Helpful Toonlet Take 2: Gender Bender

Helpful Take 2

by tixrus

My daughter claimed that the original “Be Helpful” toon unfairly targeted men as the perpetrators of unconscious assumptions about who would have geek mojo worth paying attention to and and who would obviously not, based on gender. Nope, not really. The perp in the first toon happened to . . . → Read More: Be Helpful Toonlet Take 2: Gender Bender

Social Net Toonlet: Be Helpful!


by tixrus . . . → Read More: Social Net Toonlet: Be Helpful! One API to rule them all

Something very very cool fell into my inbox today.

The back story I had been researching OEmbed kind of as a background project to see if I could use it in my own stuff. Now what is OEmbed, you ask? It is a specification by which a simple link transforms itself into rich content. If . . . → Read More: One API to rule them all

Ticket Mastery

Ticket Mastery

by taterprint

Any black humor about the business of ticket reselling resonates with me. I found this one today (this is not one of mine but I wish it was!) and it’s so true. There are so many sleazy backroom deals and stuff that goes on related to ticket sales that . . . → Read More: Ticket Mastery

Weblebrity: How to get Famous in Social Networking


by tixrus

Updated this old toonlet now that we can size them! Wheeee!

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