Give me GOOD HTML snippets please!

Like many blog owners I have a few HTML snippets linking to other sites. For example, everyone and their dog seems to have their own EC drop page nowadays, and in order to be included on it, they want you to paste up a little banner. Topsites and bloglists also have little banners. It seems . . . → Read More: Give me GOOD HTML snippets please!

fb_xd_fragment Facebook Bugfix

My server suddenly logged a rash of weird requests with something like ?fb_xd_fragment= in the URL. This is not good, because if you try this manually it renders a blank page, and blank pages are BAAAAAAAD! So upon googling I found it’s a bug with new Facebook API and (you guessed it) Internet Exploder. Here . . . → Read More: fb_xd_fragment Facebook Bugfix

Embed this puzzle, please!

I blogged about these jQuery puzzles last spring when I made them but I didn’t make it obvious that you are welcome to embed them in your website FREE. The height can be less if you prefer, but should be at least 500 or the scrolling will make it quite annoying. Include this code . . . → Read More: Embed this puzzle, please!

Tech Support (if only)

This XKCD was too good not to holler about. He just keeps crankin’ em out! And best of all, she’s a girl!

AdBlock Plus Breaks Google Adsense

I hate doing Google Adsense. I actually hate doing anything even remotely connected with internet money grubbing, because I have to crawl out of playful mode and face the upleasant reality that degenerate stupid things make money and fun interesting things don’t. As a result of extreme laziness I had let my Google Analytics and . . . → Read More: AdBlock Plus Breaks Google Adsense

Google Voice “Call Me” Widget

One number to rule them all I have just enabled Google Voice. So now you can call me without knowing my phone number. Now the benefits of being anonymous and invisible will truly come home to roost. Were I Scoble or somebody important, I could not post this widget in public because it would be . . . → Read More: Google Voice “Call Me” Widget

Ms. Burrows’ Mapworks WordPress Plugin

My friend Jillian Burrows just released a MapWorks plugin for wordpress and this is just me trying it out. I think it is just a question of shortcode and perhaps it installs a graphic in the public page to enable you to get more information. You can read the README just as well as I . . . → Read More: Ms. Burrows’ Mapworks WordPress Plugin

Disable Akismet = spike in visits

I recently migrated all my blogs to WordPress 3.0. One of the things you do is temporarily disable all plugins including Akismet spam filter. During the short period of time the spam filter was off I received, and had to later kill, more spam than I would normally receive in a week. And don’t get . . . → Read More: Disable Akismet = spike in visits

Please Excuse our mess

I upgraded from my own home brewed wordpress mu to 3.0 RC3 with multi. They implement multi in fundamentally differenent ways than I did, and I needed to also move some other non blog projects on the dorkage domain around. Needless to say, there will be a few glitches and I don’t have huge chunks . . . → Read More: Please Excuse our mess

A sample text widget

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